Body Positive

Sonja Pollonais began her journey as a plus size model participating in any fashion show that made a casting call for plus size models.  At the time plus size, fashion was growing as a movement in North America and the Uk, the Trinidad and Tobago fashion industry was still solely focused on traditional modelling thus making it very difficult for plus size models in the early years. Due to the lack of mainstream plus size representation, Sonja became motivated to look beyond not just modelling but towards creating a fashion house for plus size women thereby she subsequently launched her brand Closet Red Plus Size Boutique. Throughout the years she has become as plus size champion, not just through her boutique but also through the many events and initiatives she has created promoting the acceptance of plus-size models through fashion shows, workshops, women’s retreat which are all focused on loving the skin you are in. Working intimately with women has given Ms Pollonais a great insight into the stress and insecurities women face about their body. These experiences faced are beyond size, ethnicity, financial status or educational accomplishment. Having a negative body experience is perverse and was nationally highlighted in a negative light which caused a major uproar and trigger for many women who are struggling with their body experience. This was the catalyst that propelled Ms Pollonais into advocacy becoming a licensed facilitator.  Transitioning from simply supporting persons around her, to now having the capacity and resources to provide a system which enables her to help others address and make peace with their body.  Evidently, for her, it is about using the tools that would assist in shifting the way persons inhabit and treat their bodies and self.   As such, assisting any person of any size gender or ethnicity learn to love their beautifully imperfect human self.