Jewelry: The Perfect Accessory

Article written by: Krystle Jenna Dookoo

Individuality, creativity, passion, integrity and beauty. These are some of the words that encompass what fashion represents. These same words can also be used to perfectly describe Josanne Mark’s bespoke engagement ring collection. To truly understand the beauty of these designs, one must first understand the creative hands that work to create each unique piece. 

Josanne Mark, a Trinidadian-born and based, New York City-educated designer, has always been passionate about the jewelry she designs.  A graduate of Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Josanne is no stranger to the fashion and jewelry scene. With close to 15 years of experience in designing jewelry, Josanne’s work has been recognized both locally and internationally, having been featured in British Vogue a whopping 3 times already. The engagement ring and wedding field is a relatively new step for the designer. It’s ironic, because Josanne never cared to design fine jewelry.

So how did it come to be? 

The same way all her other pieces have materialized – through pure inspiration. A close friend approached her to custom make an engagement ring and in doing so, she discovered that she wanted to create more custom pieces that were as special as the love story of the couples that came to her. 

“Each time I delivered a ring, the look on the man’s face melted my heart. That’s where I found my inspiration. It was then, that I realized I had the power to use my talents to create, not just art, but also to make dreams come true” – Josanne Mark 

Coco Chanel said it best, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” Every designer always envisions the person that wears their piece. As a designer creates, they imagine what the wearer looks like, and how their individual persona would bring their design to life. Haute-couture designers ensure that the pieces they painstakingly create with precision and passion, are fashioned to capture the individuality of the wearer as well as tie in their own vision and signature to each piece. Josanne Mark’s engagement rings represent just that. It first begins with the inspiration and learning about the person who the piece is being designed for. Each engagement ring tells a story that is special to the couple. Their love story is woven into the design in various ways. It is then melded with the designer’s signature touch which showcases a detailed work of art, indicative of the time, passion and inspiration that goes into each piece. Once the inspiration is gathered, the process of creating the very one-of-a-kind engagement ring begins. Each conflict-free diamond sourced, is as unique as the person the ring is being designed for. 

M Cobanli said, “Great design has more details yet less details are seen” The hidden details in a Josanne Mark’s engagement ring is another appealing factor to couples who want themselves imprinted on their rings. Josanne’s belief is that an engagement ring is a significant symbol of devotion, therefore no two rings should ever be alike. Taking the time to get to know her clients, know their story and to create a ring that showcases their unique love is important, as well as presenting a piece that is beautiful to everyone that lays their eye on it.

In keeping with the Josanne Mark’s brand values of sustainability, eco and social consciousness, it is imperative that the diamonds and gems she uses are ethically sourced as she is committed to being environmentally and socially responsible. Diamonds are purchased only through suppliers who source stones through the Kimberly Process Certification, which is a process that ensures diamonds are conflict-free. 

Josanne’s love for her art and her respect for her clients come through in their praises and their love for the pieces she creates. In the words of one of her clients: “Thank you for translating your gift into my dreams come true. To create for a stranger through the eyes of their loved one, speaks to a truly authentic detailed consultation; expertise which deserves grand accolades” 

So if you are ever searching for the perfect ring to present to the love of your life, or you are in search of a piece that can truly encapsulate the beautiful love story that is yours, let Josanne Mark into your world. She will create a piece that is as unique and passionate as the love you have for your life partner. It will forever be your favorite and most special piece to wear. 

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